Calendar of Resistance

Time: It is best to leave at least an hour for this final session.

Learning Style: Group-building or small groups, oral, visual & auditory


This activity works great as a final session and can be done simultaneously with the Action Mapping session above or as a standalone. It can be done as a full group or in small groups. The idea is to create a plan for future actions that are coming up. It can include items that the group is planning or upcoming events to share.


The facilitator makes a calendar on a big piece of paper and shares upcoming events. The group then adds more events and discusses what to work on. After a while, the group discusses practicalities around when and who will do this work and adds it to a calendar in color codes. This can be a grid, a mindmap, or however the facilitator wants to arrange the information. Be creative. We want groups to end on a high note with ideas of ways to build, continue and move forward.


Large board or piece of paper with markers

More Ideas:

Link this to the Action Mapping above and do the two sessions simultaneously.

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