Trivia or Pub Quiz

Time: 1-2 hours
Learning Style: Potentially all styles


This session uses humor and group-building by answering a series of trivia questions to win a prize at the end. This session can take place almost anywhere including in your local community space as part of the workshop or as a separate fun session. It can happen on the evening of the full workshop, during the workshop or as a standalone in your local community.


This is so much fun when this is done with two organizers who are dressed up in silly costumes. Groups should be around three to five to a team. The organizers have a pre-arranged answer card and questions that are designed around climate change and carbon pricing current events, including: “Who said this?” quotes from the press, climate change- related specific questions, historical questions, or “What year did this happen?” You can also show a short video clip and ask “who, where, what” and so on. Questions are limitless! Have fun!


Paper and pens. If you want to go big, add in costumes, projector, audio and video equipment and a show!

More Ideas:

You can use phones to record the interviews if the group wants to use this as serious practice. Then play back the interviews and work on sound bites.

Some questions could be:

Putting a price on carbon is the only way to create a price signal. If you are against this, then what is your solution?

A carbon tax is the first step towards controlling emissions. Don’t you think that a carbon tax can be one of many tools that would be helpful?

The technology for carbon, capture and storage (CSS) is already being developed. This is a path towards carbon neutrality, so how do you propose we capture the carbon if you don’t want CCS?

Preserving forests is the only way to save the lungs of the planet, so giving money to tribal governments to conserve forests is a win-win. What could possibly be wrong with this?

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