Oral History

Time: One hour, but this depends on how much time is set aside for sharing stories and how many participants are in the group.

Learning Style: Sharing, oral, healing, group-building


The purpose is for people to reflect on how carbon trading impacts their lives and to build links with others in similar situations. The session can be a way for people to share personal stories and/or to get people thinking about creative ways to resist, organize and build together. This can also be a deeply healing, emotional, and empowering session, depending on how it is organized.


This session is an oral history of how climate change and carbon pricing impact our lives. The group does a go-round sharing stories. The facilitator can send an e-mail to each participant ahead of time asking them to bring an object that represents this for them in order to place it in the circle. After people talk about how climate change/carbon pricing impacts their lives, the facilitators will ask some questions, such as: How does this relate to linking historical resistance? How would those involved in historical resistance, including our ancestors, respond/resist today? How are our resistances working differently and/or similarly? What do we need today to build/create change? What does that change look like?


Ask participants to bring a personal object to the training.

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Email: CO2colonialism

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