Mingling Game

45-90 minutes. In one of the pilot trainings we spent a full two hours on this and went deep!

Learning Style:
Movement, group-building, ice breaking, oral, auditory and building confidence in group feedback


One objective is to use collective knowledge to define a carbon pricing related word. Another objective is for participants to develop confidence speaking about a specific concept.


Each card has a word or phrase on it related to carbon pricing. One card per person is passed out to the group. The group moves around the room asking and explaining the word/concept with others or asking advice from others about what it means. People do not need to know anything or everything about the word. The idea is to talk and mingle, in a light and fun way, and gather as much information from talking with others in the group as possible. After an appropriate amount of time, usually around 20 minutes, the facilitator asks the group to come back together. Going around the circle, each person presents the words and speaks about what they gathered from the group knowledge. This should be an empowering exercise demonstrating that together we know a lot, but alone, we know less.

Examples of words/terms to use: Net Zero Carbon, Green New Deal, carbon capture and storage, nature-based solutions, cap and invest, carbon tax, cap and dividend, REDD, climate capitalism. Other appropriate words should be added, especially if people are working on a regional problem or are part of a specific sector with its own set of climate-related issues.


Each person gets a card with a word on it. They can be distributed in a hat or handed out by the facilitator. Ideas for cards can be found in the appendix or online.

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