Mind Mapping

Time: 40-60 minutes
Learning Style: Large group activity, visual and oral.


The idea is to create a visual Conflict Map and use it to look for places to intervene. This activity will be the first to gently push us towards starting to look for ways to build strategy, resist and unblock.


Have the group make a mind map (or a Spidervision board) on a large piece of paper. On the left side of the board, write “What is Happening”  at the top. On the right side of the board, write “Why is this Happening?” at the top. Start with “Climate Change” in the middle of the paper and draw dashes out of it while asking the group to explain what and why it is happening. For example, there will be a dash to fossil fuels that goes to the right side of “Why is this Happening”. We also want to encourage participants to think about carbon pricing and where these mechanisms should go on the board, while building more dashes off of each word until there is a big mind map. After several words and dashes are on the board, the facilitator asks the group to focus on the dashes, thinking of them as links, and brainstorming on ways of intervening.


A large piece of paper and marker or  board

More Ideas:

This is a great session to include when a group wants to start thinking about strategy and tactics. It is also useful for groups that might be stuck and need some help thinking past blocks.

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