Jargon Busting Game

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Learning Style: Movement, group-building, ice breaking, oral, auditory and building confidence in group feedback


There are  many acronyms in climate change and carbon pricing lingo. This workshop aims to break these down into understandable concepts, or at least make them recognizable. An objective is to use collective knowledge to define an acronym related to carbon pricing. Another objective is for participants to develop confidence speaking about specific concepts.


Pass out one card per person with an acronym on it (RGGI, WTO, WB, UNDP, CARB, AB32, etc). Folks are given some time to look up the acronym on their phone or computer, if they don’t know what it means. Then the group plays a version of Boggle, where they describe the acronym without using the actual words in the title it represents, until others guess what it is. The facilitator writes out the definition on a board or a large piece of paper as the session proceeds. It is advisable to take some time with each word to describe and speak about it as a group before moving to the next card. Many people may not have  heard of the acronym before or know what it means. It is good to keep this session energetic and light!


Card with an acronym on it (see materials in the annex or online)

More Ideas:

There are several ways to use this session. If a group knows little about carbon pricing jargon – and there is a lot of it – then it can be done similarly to the Mingling Game above. If working with a group that knows a lot, it can be done like a game of speed Boggle with each person having several words. Or it can be done by forming  two large teams. Be creative!

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