Group Worksheets

Time: N/A
Learning Style: Group building in small or large groups


To answer basic questions on what the group knows about the project and what the group still needs to find out.


In small or a large group go through the following questions. If this session is done in a small group, bring the group back for a feedback session. Facilitators can prepare a handout ahead of time. See the website for templates or make one based on the following questions:

When did the project begin? What groups / institutions / people are leading the project? Who have they talked to? What is at stake for the community? Who is opposing the project? Who is for the project? How will water, land, air be impacted? How many years will the project go on? How are local and state officials reacting? Who are your allies? What other communities or organizations can you reach out to who know about these types of projects?


Printed worksheets and pens

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