Continuum Game

Time: 15-20 minutes
Learning Style: Movement, oral, quick check-in


This is a short game just to check where people are at on specific topics/concepts/problems. This exercise can be used to find out how much participants feel they know about a specific topic, or to find out how much they feel they have learned. This is a good moment for people to go outside or to another space to clear the mind. The exercise is best done in between two longer sessions, to break them up, or just after a break.


Have the group find a space where people can move around. The facilitator explains that one side of the room or space is ranked as a ten. A ten means that the person feels they understand something really well. The other side is a one. A one means that the person does not feel they know what the item means at all. The facilitator asks a series of questions related to carbon pricing and the participants move back and forth in the space, placing themselves in the spot that most corresponds to their concerns. There is usually a good deal of movement, as people’s understandings vary a lot, even within a topic.


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More Ideas:

This can be done towards the beginning and repeated at the end of a workshop to gauge how much participants feel they have learned. It can be done with YES/NO on either side of the space, while asking where people stand on specific items. It can also be done with people standing on a line asking them to step forward for Yes and back for No. There are many ways to use this type of session.

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