Climate Justice and Resistances: Historical Timeline

Time: 30 – 60 minutes
Learning Style: Visual, oral, auditory, group-building


To create a visual display of historic moments that have led to climate change and events of resistance.


Together, the group creates a climate justice timeline with colonialism at one end of the line and the present at the other. Above the line, the group writes down events that have led to climate change/climate injustice/carbon pricing. If the groups want to, they can indicate events of resistance to climate change below the timeline on the same paper. Get creative, expressive, and organize this how you want! The idea is to bring the group together, put dates to moments and begin to see a pattern emerge.


Board or piece of paper and markers

More Ideas:

In the pilot trainings, some of the groups wanted to go to pre-colonial times and up to 2050. The historical timeline exercise can also be used separately for climate change and resistances.

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